Validate Your Idea

Pursue your idea with confidence

Growth Planning walks you through a process for testing and improving your ideas. So you can launch a business knowing there’s demand for it.

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The-Source gives you dynamic forecasting & planning tools that fit seamlessly into your advising process

Help your client create a lender-ready business plan

Create a Lean Plan using LivePlan's one-page pitch, or collaborate on a lender-ready full business plan. Use the plan as a springboard and quickly understand your client's business.

Create forecasts 70% faster than with spreadsheets

Walk clients through the process of building detailed strategic forecasts with instructions and examples at every step.

Visual financial reports make client meetings easier

Use LivePlan's Dashboard reports to conduct regular advising meetings and keep your clients engaged as they work toward their growth goals.

Business consulting software built for efficiency

Guaranteed quality business planning services

With a scalable, standardised approach to planning, you can create a repeatable process and streamline your advising. You’ll be able to help more clients while improving your advising quality at the same time.

A collaboration platform that will help you double your virtual consulting hours

The-Source simple collaboration tools let you give feedback to your clients, even when they’re not in your office. You can see your clients’ progress and help keep them on track.

Create long–term relationships

The-Source turns your client’s business plan into a real management tool. It will automatically compare budgets and forecasts to your QuickBooks or Xero accounting data, allowing you to track progress in real-time. You’ll improve client retention by 30 percent and build long-lasting, healthy businesses.

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Start Your Business

Take the right steps with confidence

Avoid pitfalls that could hurt your business by setting goals and tracking your performance against them.

Task Management

The process of managing a task through its life cycle. It involves planning, testing and the task tracking.


The technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance.


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You’re confident in your business idea, but unsure how to get started...

Do you need funding? How much?

Growth planning helps you figure out exactly how much funding you’ll need — and the best way to get it.

How should you use your funds?

Growth planning helps you make important spending decisions with confidence.

What’s the right go-to-market strategy?

Growth planning helps you understand what it’ll take for your startup to gain traction.

Growth Planning guides you through the essential steps of launching a startup

Start your business with growth planning

Build Your Business Budget

Spend smarter with a guided budgeting tool

Follow a step-by-step process to create an accurate business budget — even if you have no financial background.


After learning about your customer service needs, we will get you up and running, and then partner with you.


Our customer service team is here to help solve your problems and keep your customer service organization.

Creating an accurate budget is tricky without any guidance

Get detailed guidance every step of the way

Not sure how to get started? Or what details to include? LivePlan gives you a step-by-step process for completing every aspect of your budget.

  • Build profit & loss statements, cash flow forecasts and more
  • Read definitions of key terms and metrics
  • Get AI-generated suggestions if you're not sure what to include

Build multiple budgets to test different scenarios

What if you hired more staff? Or spent more on inventory? Try out different spending scenarios to see how they impact your finances. You'll get five-year projections for profit and loss, cash at the end of the year and other metrics.

Budget smarter using industry benchmarks

Better understand how much you should be spending on marketing, rent and more with built-in industry benchmark data. It's a quick way to compare your budget to similarly sized businesses in your region.

  • Get benchmark data for 13 data points, including spending and profit metrics
  • Compare your forecast and results to industry benchmarks at a glance
  • Get data for specific regions and timeframes

Plenty of support to help you succeed

Guidance from business experts

Stay on track with video walk-throughs, webinars, and more from business planning experts.

Inspiration powered by AI

Instantly generate ideas at each step of your plan. You can also access 550+ sample plans to find one that matches your industry.

If you ever get stuck, our team will help

If you ever have a question, you can instantly chat with a The-Source expert.

Create a budget for your business today

Present Your Financials

Tell the story behind the numbers

Confidently present your financials to lenders, investors, partners, or board members.

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Growth Chart

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It's tough to create financial reports that everyone can understand

The-Source instantly turns your data into clear, wow-worthy visuals

Provide clarity with easy-to-read dashboards

Show exactly where your business is today and where it's going tomorrow. Charts and graphs update in real-time when synced with Xero or QuickBooks. This gives you an easy way to see how your actual results compare to your forecast. Create dashboards that show:

  • Breakdown of your revenue sources
  • Forecasted expenses and costs versus actuals
  • Cash on hand, net cash flow and more

Build custom PDF reports to keep your team updated

Turn your financial dashboard into a tidy financial report. Just select what metrics you'd like to include, add an optional summary for context, and LivePlan gives you a PDF file you can email or print. Include these reports in a presentation or provide them to stakeholders before or during your next meeting.

Work together on the numbers with unlimited users

Team members can view your financials at any time in LivePlan. This makes it easy for them to follow along during your budget presentations or leave comments on your financial plan.

  • Control how much access you give each user
  • Up to 5 users can edit the dashboard and create new companies
  • All invited users can add Forecast Notes on your budget and comments on your business plan

Present your financials with confidence

Grow Your Business

Grow your business with confidence

Understand what decisions will actually boost your bottom line and shield your business from rising costs.

Should you increase prices? If so, by how much?

Growth planning helps you decide when to raise prices and how to do it without losing customers.

What’s the right way to reduce expenses?

Growth planning helps you know how to reduce costs and stay cash healthy.


Growth planning guides you through a process for making profitable decisions

Make confident decisions with growth planning